Frequently Asked Questions

How are our trainers different?

Personal Training is a fairly unregulated industry and it can be very hard to choose the perfect professional. Our personal trainers stand apart from the competition as we are the most credentialed, qualified, experienced, and passionate individuals that you will find in the WNY fitness industry. Take some time to learn about our team and how we can help you.

Why hire a personal trainer?

  1. Motivation – Trainers can help you set goals, create a plan and push you to achieve them.
  2. Avoid Injury – Taking the time to learn proper exercise techniques can improve your results and prevent injuries.
  3. Confidence – A gym and all of the equipment can be intimidating. A trainer can show you the ropes.
  4. Individual Attention – When it comes to fitness needs, everyone is different. A trainer can develop a plan specific to you.
  5. Fun – Believe it or not, a trainer can make working out enjoyable!

What else can you do for me besides fitness training?

  • Nutrition Coaching: You can view our meal options and find the right one for you.
  • Buddy Training: semi-private personal training for a discounted price and you can workout and stay motivated with your friend, partner, spouse, teammate, etc.!
  • Athletic Development: We have experience working with everyone from youth to professional athletes and local sports teams. We can accommodate individual athletes or full teams.
  • Physical Therapy: Our physical therapy services are coming soon!
  • Massage Therapy: Ask our team about these services and we’ll help you out.

Where are you located?

Absolute Fitness & Wellness, LLC. is located at Southtowns Fitness Center in the Village of Hamburg.

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Adam & Shannon P.

“Their training knowledge, education, and attention to form and detail make them excellent trainers and their positive attitudes and enthusiasm provide great motivation for great workouts. Thanks for getting our wedding bodies in shape!”

Tracy L.

“It has been a sincere pleasure training with Cindy. She has inspired me to work hard to achieve my fitness goals. Her advice has been spot on and I have noticed results that I didn’t think were possible.”

Mike H.

“Nick is by far a class AAA +++ fitness trainer. He has helped me re-gain my strength, balance and coordination after a brief period of illness. I learn new "tricks of the trade" at each visit. I look forward to my sessions with Nick. Superb trainer; professional and compassionate.”

Judy L.

“My right knee needs a replacement. When I started, I couldn’t even do a squat or sit up and I was very out of shape. The first week was really hard, but by the second week, I was hooked on exercise! I was feeling stronger physically and mentally. My leg doesn’t hurt as much and guess what? I can do squats holding weights, sit-ups and many other exercises.”

Bucky D.

“Nick has worked with me on a fitness and strength program for the last 8 months. By following my custom program with one session per week, I have gained strength, lost weight , and feel much better with more energy. He has an excellent knowledge of the latest fitness and strength trends.”