Stories, Tranformations & Reviews

Jessica T.

“Have done two 10 week sessions with Adam from Absolute Fitness and Wellness. I have gotten great support on my journey toward a healthier me and had great results! It can be hard to take time away from your family for yourself sometimes - but this made me a better, stronger, happier Mom.”

Mary Anne S.

“I have been a client since the beginning. I have trained with Nick for quite a while and he is a highly qualified trainer. He is also very knowledgeable and Is very attentive to my needs. My workouts are fantastic and it helps that he is a very sincere and kind person. I also have trained with Julian and he also is very proficient at his job. I always look forward to my workouts with either Nick or Julian. I highly recommend Absolute Fitness and Wellness for your fitness needs.”

Dana C.

“I’m extremely happy with my personal training with Physical Therapy student Mike! He’s fun, encouraging, knowledgeable & every workout is perfectly planned to fit my fitness goals. I love that he treats me like an athlete even though I’m 59 years old. I have increased my strength & toned up tremendously since working with Mike! I wish I could workout with him 3 times a week! Thanks Nick for suggesting I train with him!”

Dawn M.

“Nick and his team are great personal trainers! They have fantastic knowledge of body mechanics, muscle function and are capable of determining the individual abilities of their clients. Their pleasant and positive attitude is a great asset to their willingness to work with their clients at their own levels. They instill confidence and encouragement to make you want to work harder and apply yourself more diligently. No matter what you fitness goals are I am confident that Absolute Fitness will be more than able to get you there. I highly recommend Absolute Fitness!”

Adam & Shannon P.

“Their training knowledge, education, and attention to form and detail make them excellent trainers and their positive attitudes and enthusiasm provide great motivation for great workouts. Thanks for getting our wedding bodies in shape!”

Tracy L.

“It has been a sincere pleasure training with Cindy. She has inspired me to work hard to achieve my fitness goals. Her advice has been spot on and I have noticed results that I didn’t think were possible.”

Mike H.

“Nick is by far a class AAA +++ fitness trainer. He has helped me re-gain my strength, balance and coordination after a brief period of illness. I learn new "tricks of the trade" at each visit. I look forward to my sessions with Nick. Superb trainer; professional and compassionate.”

Bucky D.

“Nick has worked with me on a fitness and strength program for the last 8 months. By following my custom program with one session per week, I have gained strength, lost weight , and feel much better with more energy. He has an excellent knowledge of the latest fitness and strength trends.”